Our mission is to promote perinatal health and postpartum wellness for BIPOC women in the Inland Empire.

Our vision is a relational movement toward perinatal equity for BIPOC women nationwide.


BIPOC Perinatal Experiences

So many BIPOC women experience perinatal inequities during or after their pregnancies. Repetitive exposure to negative statistics, mother shaming, and implicit bias can add additional challenges and stressors to the pregnancy experience. At Purpose Point, we've got a safe space for clients to determine what their pregnancy experience looks like beyond today. To them we say, "We see you. We hear you. We value you". Whether in our center, at home, or online, we're ready to listen and willing to support. 

Additional Supports We Offer

With each educational class attended, clients may access free maternal and infant essentials. Talk to one of our team members to find out more. Learning opportunities include:

Support Groups

Postpartum Education Program (PEP) (4 Modules)

Parenting Classes (6 Modules)

Health System Navigation (3 Modules)

Care for the Medically Fragile Child (6 Modules)

Change with Purpose (4 Modules)